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Our Team

As professionals in the field of expert services, we are aware that at the bottom of the success of Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm are the members of its team. That is why, when selecting the members of the team we pay special attention to the professional qualification and approach, ethic values and personal qualities of the applicants, as well as to their ability to develop successfully in our team. In the course of performing our professional engagements we not only provide a service to the client but also work for the building and keeping up of a spirit of succession, team work and compassion in each member of our legal practice.

Our team comprises of attorneys-at-lawand lawyers who are energetic, qualified and dedicated to their work of satisfying the needs of the client in the best way possible. The members of our team are known for their attention to detail but also with their comprehensive approach for reaching the targets set. They always search for the effective, economically expedient and practically feasible solutions by applying critical and innovative approach.

For each particular engagement we appoint experienced and qualified team, which provides timely and high-quality services, covering various aspects of the client’s business. Team work allows enhancement of the professional expertise of individual members and improvement of their personal skills, as well as flexibility and adequate reaction to the fast developing business processes.