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Who We Are

Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm is а progressively developing legal practice having its office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What unites us, motivates us and makes us feel professionally satisfied each day is the desire to meet in the best way the challenges of the ever changing modern world. We help our clients to bring their business ideas into action, by contributing our creativity, knowledge and strive for things to happen.

We believe that the relations between a lawyer and his client are special and based on understanding, mutual trust, ethics and professionalism. We apply these principles in our legal practice ever since 1998 when the present partners in Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm begun their work together as a legal team. Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm was established in the beginning of 2006 as a natural result of the experience gained and the constant development of the legal practice.

We offer legal consultations and services to Bulgarian and foreign clients on all matters related to their business activity whereby we apply the international good practices and criteria for quality of consulting work. Our clients appreciate our fast response, our individual approach, the special attention we give to each and everyone of our engagements and the business-oriented solutions we offer.

We have set up team work rules and procedures which ensure consistency, comprehensiveness, effective and precise performance of each legal engagement. At the same time each member of the team never stops searching for the right answers to the questions and for personal and professional perfection and by doing so we build and enrich our team and practice day by day.